Is this Network Marketing?

  • No—customers getting customers
  • Buy one product, no other requirements
  • Get the entire compensation plan worldwide

Is my customer (and their customer) tied to me?

  • Yes, but only for specific products they buy from you
  • Yes, for all repurchases of the same product

If my customer buys another product from the app, do I earn commission?

  • Yes, if your customer buys from a link that you sent.
  • No, if your customer buys a different product from the app and promotes it. 

How do I get my unique link?
After making a purchase, you will receive your personalized link to share the product or service you purchased on the Kwik Marketplace with your followers. You can use a special link to share various things such as an individual product, collection, brand profile page or campaign.

What is KwikCash?
KwikCash are the in-app credits you earn for referring products on the Kwik Marketplace. It’s a global point credit system that can convert easily into your preferred currency. KwikCash to currency ratios vary by market.

How much do I earn from referring a product?
When you use your link to share a product, you get the product’s KwikCash added to your KwikWallet. Then, for every wave of influencers purchasing from that same link, the KwikCash you earn splits in half.

What’s a campaign?
A campaign can be a single product or multiple products that a brand groups together. You can join any campaign by purchasing from the Kwik Marketplace and referring the product with your link. Another user can join your campaign by buying your referred product and sharing it with their followers, too. (A third way to join a campaign is by submitting a card and applying with no purchase necessary.)

What are waves?
A wave simply refers to the connection between you and your customers (and their customers). You can keep track of the amount of KwikCash you’ll receive from a sale by knowing that the KwikCash earned from the sale splits in half each wave.

For example, if a product has $10 KwikCash and you have a sale on the third wave, you’ll receive $2.50 KwikCash in your KwikWallet.

When someone within your sphere of influence purchases a product
from you, you are now linked together, creating a wave.

Is there a limit on how much I make on referrals?
No, Kwik pays you on every wave until the very last penny.

How do I know how many products I’ve sold?
Kwik provides detailed analytics within the platform, so
you easily can track how much KwikCash you’ve made,
how many products you’ve sold, your top campaign influencer and so much more! 

Waves of Influence
Using Kwik

What happens if a product gets refunded?
The shop owner is responsible for ensuring all refunds are processed appropriately. When a refund is processed, any earned KwikCash is removed from your account, as is the privilege of sharing the campaign.

Where is Kwik Available?
Kwik is currently only available in the United States, but it’s expanding globally! To see when Kwik will be available in your market, visit

How do I transfer my KwikCash to my bank account?
Access your KwikWallet on to transfer funds into your bank account. Other ways to cash out will be available soon.

NewAge + Kwik FAQ

Can I sell products that are direct NewAge competitors?
As always, you must follow the NewAge Terms + Conditions and ensure you’re not promoting direct competitors’ products. If you’re unsure whether you’d be able to promote a product or service, please reach out to compliance

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