magneCALM — Utilizing the only form of magnesium that gets into the brain, magneCALM provides key B-vitamin family nutrients synergistically optimizing total body health & vitality, to empower stress-resilience.

Zinc Plus Skin and Nasal Wash — Zinc Plus is game-changing hygiene tool w a patented blend of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium in a base of sterile saline--flushing the areas where unwanted substances gain entry, to capture oxidative stress.

Son Formula — Unique complete amino acid blend w global patent provides the optimal form of protein to maximize the body's ability to produce new cells at any stage of life---optimize muscle, hair, skin, nails!


Peter Lamas — Peter Lamas has dedicated his career to creating formulas that blend the best of nature & science, using organic botanicals, exotic oils, potent active ingredients, vitamins and herbs, to enhance skin and hair with stunning results and clinical level performance.


Hangover Ace — Patented hangover protection developed by a Medical Doctor, and extensively researched by a cognitive scientist. Guaranteed to restore mental and physical health after alcohol overindulgence every time- or your money back.

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